Please Welcome Pastor Jim Maynard


Pastor Jim Maynard

It is with great excitement and anticipation that we announce the appointment of our new Pastor Jim Maynard to our senior pastor position. We expect his appointment will begin 1st quarter of 2017
Here is a message from Pastor Jim:
“I am honored and privileged to accept the appointment to serve with you as Senior Pastor. Nancy and I enjoyed our visits with you — our new church family. Everyone we came in contact with, along with our time spent in the Summit County area, made it easy to envision settling in and making Tallmadge, Ohio our home. And after meeting with your Council Members it was clear to all, that no doubts remained. We are eager to join you, but we have much to do to disengage from our current church, roles, and home, but pray we can spend at least a couple weekends with you as we prepare to make the final move. Nancy was blessed to have been afforded the opportunity to remain employed at her current position, which means even more work to ready an office for her in Tallmadge to enable a smooth transition for her. I am excited about our future, and believe God is preparing us (all of us) for a new season of fruitful ministry and service at Compass Point Chapel. Until then, feel free to hit us up on Facebook, or send me an email, we’re anxious to dream with you about our future together. Oh, and in the meantime, take good care of Ernie and Heidi, they’re doing a tremendous job and we want them to know how much they are appreciated.”

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Morality & the Mind {Part II}

We continue from where we left off from our discussion, or my discourse, regarding the mind. We now begin our next step in this process of exploration, namely to look into morality.

What is morality, how do we define morality and the actions thereof? A straight forward definition by Webster’s Dictionary states that morality is, “Right living, virtue; conformity to generally accepted standards of conduct”. Morality is the actual content of right & wrong. It is the standard to which we measure our lives to live in a virtuous way.

Find out more about Part II on this intriguing topic…

Morality & the Mind: How the conscience and consciousness reveal God {Part II}

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Morality & the Mind

I left off from my previous hub article with the determination from scientific evidence pointing towards a Theistic god as the best reasonable explanation to how we got here. This article has less tangible weights used to measure the existence of god, but can still be observed objectively. The measure of the mind, our own consciousness, and morality {& the conscience} is an obvious, yet evasive, topic which has baffled Naturalists and creates a major caveat for the expansion of secular society. What do the mind & morality have to do with God? Or better yet, how do these ‘intangibles’ show God and give us credence for God’s existence?

Let’s explore more about Morality & the Mind…

Morality & the Mind: How the conscience and consciousness reveal God {Part I}

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War of the Worldviews

There is a basic question which drives us, some of us mad. This question is one of the beginning. This is the question of ‘How’. How did we get here, how did the world begin, how am I alive sitting at a computer typing (in your case reading)? This question has perplexed many a mind over the course of humankind and many have a strong opinion about this ‘how’, some even believing they have overwhelming proof for it.

More about the beginning and the war of the worldviews…

Source: War of the Worldviews: Cosmology and the Prime Reality

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